وَاضِح \ plain: easy to see or understand; clear: His anxiety was plain (His face showed it). It was quite plain from the map where they had gone wrong. broad: (of speech) strongly marked: He speaks English with a broad Irish accent. clear: easy to understand; free from doubt: His meaning was not clear. It is clear that he was wrong, easy to hear or see The sound of the radio was very clear. Please speak clearly. conspicuous: easily noticed: the tall man was conspicuous among the crowd. definite: certain; clear: a definite plan of action. distinct: clear; easily heard or seen: distinct sound; a distinct improvement. evident: plain and clear to the mind: It’s evident that you weren’t listening. Evidently you were asleep. intelligible: clear to the mind; easily understood: A baby’s speech is often not intelligible except to its mother. legible: (of handwriting or print) clear enough to be read. lucid: clear, easily understood: He gave a lucid explanation of the way in which the machine worked. marked: clearly noticeable: a marked improvement. obvious: easily seen or understood: Her grief was obvious; she was silently weeping. \ See Also جلي (جَلِيّ)، بارز (بَارِز)، بين (بَيِّن)، محدد (مُحَدَّد)‏

Arabic-English glossary. 2015.

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